FREEDOM by A. Clark



Mind just adornin’ da Truth
So precious
Perception ceases tryna’ perceive its essence
Realization arising freely
unborn and deathless
Beyond karma,
and limitations of conceptual understanding
Can’t sense the non-tangible
Still in Self-sameness I experience joy
Takin’ steps,
in the groundless open as I seek the void
In atonement,
I contemplate the cause
of what’s all of this for
If its causeless
And how’s my mind reflective
of Mind-as-such if it transcends one
I guess these meditative conditions
are pointless
And Im a wise fool
Still I hope hopeless,
in a possible world it might be luck
And that just might be enough,
for this unsustainable lust for knowledge
If it apprehends nothing
and non-apprehend-able,
then Im left with what.
– A. Clark