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noun | glam·our | \ˈgla-mər\ :
a very exciting + attractive quality!

Bgei.Co Executive Producer
IG: @PresidentialGentleman
E: DLG@Bgei.Co

I have a strong passion for Photography + Writing! I’m the type of person that will see an object or landscape and I will instantly get inspired! I’m originally from Detroit, MI but I also have experience working in Las Vegas + LA! I love working with new and aspiring models… It’s a pleasure to help them build and launch their brand. I also love working with experienced models because I feel like you should always be learning and pushing yourself creatively. I go into every photo shoot with an open mind and clear head. I have over 10 years of Business Experience at an Executive Level, with over 5 years of Marketing Experience. I also have 3 years of experience as a Chef with a specialty in Vegan + Vegetarian food at a Gourmet Level!

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