“Custom Earrings that I make,
with Love you can’t duplicate!”

– by Rikki



Born in Compton, CA in 1985. A free expression artist who embraces her gifts in Music, creative design, painting and more. She thrives on motivating others to push for the best in them. While on the rise with the work she has been putting into her best self. The Birth Of EarReplacables in only the beginning.

Fall N Love

This line has very colorful pieces of art. Displaying everything from various prints (animal, nature, multi color), to solid shades of beautiful expression. This series offers a stream of original designs that can be mixed, matched, and made into even more custom designs upon order. The series comes in large displays but depending on the style can be made by order (mini style).


The name says it all. This line is shimmer, shining, glamour. From solid gold, solid silver. To multi color with shimmer popping out everywhere. These pieces are guaranteed to make you see the beauty in them shine like the beauty in you when you were them.

Mini Series

A complete twist with all the trimmings. This mini line of earrings are not only a must have for the small earring lovers. They are a combination of all designs in one category like sprinkles of creation. No material is worthless. In having a high demand for smaller earrings and so many great ideas already born this marriage was a dream already true. Kids love them and moms approve. Lets get you yours.


Delicate and unique, colorful and flawless. This line captures a very acquired wear. They give a vibe that no other style can provide. You’d be surprised how many outfits you find yourself pairing with them. Definitely a fashion forward move as these will challenge the best of stylists to be bold. To be new with EarReplaceables!


Art is freeing. How you express yours is liberating. How you where mine will move you, but the customs are magic. This line is geared more towards the custom option but does also have originals to connect with. Leaning on your own energy not only illuminates your light but it elevates it. So I encourage all to take advantage of the custom design offer here.