A man meets the woman of dreams… he has the job of his dreams… and it seems for a brief moment nothing can go wrong in life. They spend months dating… going to the finest restaurants, taking exotic trips and living the dream that make couples get together. After an unfortunate situation, the man loses his dream job along with his dream car and home. After going through a depressive state for more than three days in a row, the man thought to himself:

“I might have lost all of my material positions but I still have something that’s priceless.”

He looks to his corner for emotion support, only to find an empty corner topped off with a cold chill. You would’ve thought the man spent three days in a freezer because of how fast his heart grew cold.

A woman is freshly out of a year long relationship with a guy who she thought was her knight in shiny amour. After a few months of debating with herself of why she shouldn’t shut men out of her life… she meets a guy who’s heart is so cold, she must take on the duty of mending his broken heart and eventually igniting a spark of passion back into the man’s life.

After the couples first date, the man goes home and drops to his knees giving the Lord thanks for sending him a caring and appreciative woman. He ends his praying by asking the Lord for strength and guidance to make this relationship work. After two weeks of dating this woman, the man starts to feel his heart getting patched up at the same time the woman let go of her fears completely. Everything was great until the day the man saw his ex and the hurt rushed back into his heart and his mind filled with uncertainties of the possibility of true love really existing.

After the unfortunately encounter the new couple spend the next two weeks of arguing and second guessing each other’s own heart… One day the couple realize that the blows that they were giving and receiving wasn’t a result of the man taking shots at the woman or vise versa… It was a result of true life lessons.

To truly get over a situation you must completely forgive the person who has wronged you and only then is when you will disconnect the emotional attachment to the other person. Progression is a blessing from a lesson. The couple started to paying attention to the good that they both brought into each other’s life. The man looks at the woman over dinner and start to say:

“Every since you’ve come into my life I knew this was right. I’ve came to realize that we wasn’t fighting each other, we was fight life. You’re a good girlfriend but I think you make a better wife… because I need you standing in my corner for the rest of this fight.”