• How many times have you held the door for a lady, and she didn’t even have the decency to say “Thank You?”
  • How many times have you asked a lady “How are you doing” and she looked at you like you was trying to snatch her purse?
  • How many times have you offered to help a Lady that was struggling with bags or a big box, and she acts like there’s isn’t any way possible for you to be a help to her?

If you’re a true Gentleman, you cannot come up with a number to answer the questions above. The main reason is because a true Gentleman knows his job is never done. Although you’re the good guy in these situations… 8 times out of 10, you will not be looked at as a hero, you will not be acknowledged for your good deed or you won’t be looked at as the Gentleman you are. In reality a true Gentleman never keeps count on the good deeds he does.

This Collection will be published in three volumes, breaking down three situations that today’s Gentleman doesn’t count, but when you look at the situation fully… you  will understand that a Gentleman Counts!

+ VOLUME #1 | Bgei.Co/OpenRespect
+ VOLUME #2 | Bgei.Co/Misconception
+ VOLUME #3 | Bgei.Co/FallenSpirit


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