+ GENTLEMAN COUNT | VOLUME #1: (Open Respect)

  • A Gentleman is leaving out of his neighborhood gas station and he see a lady walking up to the door… He takes the extra few seconds to stand there at the entrance and hold the door open for the lady. The lady walks through the door and looked at the Gentleman as if he was peasant. The Gentleman brushes off the dirty look and go about his day.

Not every man is a Gentleman and not every woman is a Lady. A Rude Guy would’ve told the female how wrong she was or even would’ve had a few aggressive words to say in an immature rant. A true gentleman understands that majority of the disrespect that comes from a female is a form of her having an invisible wall up. After being taken advantage of so many times, It’s hard for her to distinguish rather a person is being genuine or not. So a true gentleman brushes off her dirty looks because in his mind he knows he did the right thing and on top of that… she just doesn’t know the type of man he was. A true lady would have said “Thank You” as she walked through the door because she respects the honor inside of the man.

Its not the Gentleman’s job to count deeds, but it is the Lady’s job to make him understand that he counts indeed! * : : . .