+ GENTLEMAN COUNT | VOLUME #3: (Fallen Spirit)



A woman pulls into her apartment complex, in her car she has a huge heavy box and two big trash bags. After successful taking the first bag into her home, the woman returns to her car to get the next bag. As she opens her trunk, a Gentleman pulls into the parking lot next her car. The Gentleman was her neighbor who mainly stayed to himself except for the occasional “Hi” every now and then.

As the Gentleman gets out of his car, he see the woman struggling to get the second bag out of her trunk. The second bag was slightly heavier than the first one, the Gentleman asked if she needed help? The woman response with “Thank you, but I got it.” After making her statement the man starts to walk off as the bag rips and the contents start to fall out on the ground. The Gentleman turns around and ask the woman: “Are you sure you don’t need any help?” The woman says: “No, I said I got it!” The Gentleman walks into his apartment as the woman throws the contents into her trunk in frustration.

The Gentleman gets all the way upstairs and he realize that he left his briefcase in car… back down the stairs he goes. After getting his briefcase from his car, the Gentleman see the woman struggling to maintain her balance with box as he runs to help her with the door. He says to the woman: “I can’t let you carry that big box up two flights of stairs, let me help you.” The woman says: “I can do it, now move!” The Gentleman moves to the side as the woman waddled up the first flight of stairs.

When the woman gets to the last step of the second flight of stairs she slips and box starts to tumble down the stairs. As the box fell it seemed like the woman fell the way her legs collapsed as she sat at the top of steps. The Gentleman catches the box at end of the second flight of stairs. He runs up the steps to make sure that the woman was alright…

The box was full of the woman’s grandmother’s Fine China which she spent over 70 years collecting and it was also very sentimental to the woman’s family. The woman sat on the top step crying because her grandmother had just passed away and she had just inherited her grandmother’s most precious positions.

After calming the woman down, the Gentleman carried the box up to the woman’s apartment where she opened up the box frantically to see what damage had been done due to the fall. Amazingly none of the Fine China was broken! They both laughed breaking the ice of tension that was built up for over a year. The Gentleman said “I told you everything will be alright, Have a good day sweetheart and God Bless!” as he walked out the door and closed it. When a true Gentleman does something, his never has a alternate agenda for the things he say or do.

Appreciation is one of the best feelings in the world, make sure you let your Gentleman know he counts! * : : . .